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Emerald City

The Oz Books by L. Frank Baum-free download:

 1:    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

 2:    The Marvelous Land of Oz

 3:    Ozma of Oz

 4:    Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

 5:    The Road to Oz

 6:    The Emerald City of Oz

 7:    The Patchwork Girl of Oz

 8:    Little Wizard Stories of Oz

 9:    Tik-Tok of Oz

10:   The Scarecrow of Oz

11:   Rinkitink in Oz

12:   The Lost Princess of Oz

13:   The Tin Woodman of Oz

14:   The Magic of Oz

15:   Glinda of Oz


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"The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, it is queerer than we can suppose."  - J. B. S. Haldane  

Surgeon General's Warnings

Funny #1: humorous, laughable, amusing Funny #2:. strange, weird, confusing (like an awful secret)
Too Jokeful International English Could Cause Mind Cancer, Soul Disease, And May Complicate Digestion of Texts. Rendering Reality and True Information For Minds And Souls Who Are Not Prepared To Face That  Could Cause Mind Illness, Soul Infection And Worse.
All Comic Output Of The ECH Corporation Contains Mad Humor, Which Could Be Bad For Your Melancholy Or Discontent. Discarding Concealed, Suppressed, and Publicly Unknown Facts and Knowledge Could Be The Reason For General Sadness, Depression, And Bad Actions.

Humor Laughter Physical Health.pdf       AND        The Impact of Humor.pdf

About the Company

Witty WriterThis living corporation is an incorporation of biochemical structures [like a skeleton], systems [like a nervous system], and an association of inner organs. Some parts and systems are not truly happy in the company, some just want to get out, or take a holiday for a while, but usually all disaster ends up in a somewhat unwilling cooperation. At least, we can say that up to date, it has always been so. We hope this collaboration will continue for quite a while yet. The company was incorporated an ungodly long time ago, so the hope about a long-term teamwork could be a good guess. At the incorporation this company was labeled Erik Cornelius Heber. [It's a limited company, that is, limited in many ways. For example, the corporation cannot breathe water, its memory cannot hold the Library of Congress, etc.]      

(Hint: "incorporatus", from Latin means about "furnished with a body.")

Articles Of Association

amusing associationThis company has got uncountable trillions of employees, if we can believe the scientists. All these are working together for the benefit of the corporation, in order to secure the future of the company. These are the cells of the incorporation. The company has also got about a hundred billion other kind of employees, in the form of gray matter. They are also working for the maintenance and preservation of the corporation, although on a different way from the other workforce. To be frank, we admit, that demonstrations, partial strikes, and other illustrations of discontent can come to pass, but no labor force has ever marched out in volume. This gives the corporation a kind of stability. 

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Company History

Hilarious CompanyFor an immorally and outrageously long time the only aim of the company was just being happy about to be incorporated and have fun. This company was taught to read and write by its male founder at the tender age of five. Soon enough, the company discovered, that it was also able to put together words on a funny way. So, regardless of the fact, that there was no need for it, the company outlet began in about the eighth year of the corporation's existence: it was a surrealistic poem, The Red Chorister. Nobody bought its message, so the production went over to the more comprehensible types. The outlet goods were poems and short stories, but the company never thought to submit. It was always for personal amusement: to family, friends, acquaintances and, when the company ripened, to lovers.  

Free History Downloads:
 Library Company.pdf [Library of Congress history]
Walt Disney Co.pdf [history]

 * * *

Jolly Weird Poem



Weird red chorister

Walks down the street

In the night.

Sings his own number,

Chanting every beat

In delight.


 * * *

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 & Daily Joke

More Company History

Break The Sky SkinAnother special type of having fun for this corporation was learning. From astronomy to linguistic, from higher math to literature, everything seemed to be interesting - simply, life was interesting. When the company got tired of life, it went to the library, borrowed about a dozen books, fiction and non-fiction, and immersed itself in them. 

<b>Circulus Vitiosus</b>Reading took off a lot of time from production, but consuming both life [fiction] and knowledge [non-fiction] from can was also fun for the company. Professionally, the corporation's most important phases were to become an architect, then a system programmer, and finally languages and communication.

Twentyhundred-niner MinerFor a long while the corporation was working day and night, [day professionally, night creatively],  and it was well-paid for its services. [See more in Services] In the 80's & 90's, from time to time  this biochemical company traveled the world with its faithful backpack, living for years in a number of countries, in four continents. Book writing began in its travels. The  company base camp was moved also many times, but only within Europe, together with its female partner company and daughter-companies. Nowadays the company joined a couple of high-IQ societies.

 & This Day in History


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Company Spirits

Basically, the corporate spirits could be summed up as being artist or creator. These skills also came handy in its professional jobs. [See more in > Services]

Supernaturally AmusingThis company subscribes to the ages-old belief, that there is more to this universe than the physical bodies. So, we believe that the physical body is the mix of four influences, or principles, like fire, earth, air and water. These are also the lower planes of existence. The higher planes of existence are the astral or ethereal [emotional], the mental [intellectual] and the spiritual [divine].

So, what? Nothing. This is not a company with a religious mission. We don't sell salvation. We think people usually got the belief they deserve. We mention it only because there is always a slant of supernatural in any company outlet. More about the taste of the corporation: it seems to lean also towards the humorous and the dramatic.       


Company Policy

Hilarious NovelsWitty NovelsAbout the company policy: this company is incorporated in the sign of Aries, so, the conscious decisions are usually made on that basis. The ascendant being the Capricorn, the unexplainable drives are usually become explainable by that. Even the dumb and foolish acts and decisions are usually explained away by the ascendant, although many times they are simply but dumb and foolish acts, period. In this, the company is very similar to most incorporated entities.


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 & Daily Clean Joke


The Funny Prayer Everyone Should Pay Heed To

God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, nd the wisdom to know the difference...  ;-)




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